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Monitoring and Control of Your Networks

Network management and control is becoming a bigger challenge due to increasing network complexity, cyber-security threats and BYOD environments.  Referentia, through its subsidiary, LiveAction, developed an award-winning, application-aware network management software solution to bridge growing gaps by IT departments in both public and private sectors.

The Referentia Solution

Initially developed to aid the U.S. Department of Defense in the operation of its networks, LiveAction features an innovative visual display, real-time big data analytics and deep control of routers and switches for unparalleled network administration.  LiveAction’s rich visualization of the network topology and in-depth views of individual devices, interfaces, flows and routes provide the network operator with a deep understanding of network health in real-time.  Alerts, colors and summary dashboards combined with an intuitive graphical user interface provide the network operator with the ability to correct network issues by modifying QoS policies on the fly, and then monitoring the successful operation of the applied policies.  

Referentia Benefits

By using Referentia technologies, IT customers can:
  • Keep up to date with the latest technologies like Medianet, AVC, NBAR2 and Mediatrace and deploy these technologies to provide deep monitoring capability
  • Replace complicated, error-prone command lines with an intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Quickly resolve business critical performance issues in your WAN, SaaS and cloud application, MPLS or DMVPN links, converged wired and wireless connections and video, VoIP and BYOD devices.
  • Create, edit and apply QoS policies for Cisco routers and Layer 3 switches on live networks with consistency and confidence.
  • Provide real-time end-to-end flow visualization across your network as well as monitor performance of that flow on a per hop basis.
  • Provide routing visualization across a live topology view and detailed routing tables in the device level view.
  • Use a Cisco IOS IP Service Level Agreement to generate  synthetic network traffic for the purpose of monitoring latency, loss, jitter and mean opinion score (MOS).
  • Provide real-time Layer 2 visualization for networks including trunk interfaces, port channels, VLAN associations, spanning tree connections and bandwidth usage.