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Implementing a secure IT architecture requires a progressive understanding of critical security issues and broad network topographies. With over 15 years of IT consulting and engineering experience with highly secured defense agencies, Referentia Systems Incorporated has in-depth intelligence of the cyber threats facing our nation’s critical infrastructures. Referentia’s cybersecurity experts utilize proven delivery methodologies for implementing solid cyber defense to address the vulnerabilities specific to an organization. Referentia’s Security Design and Implementation Services include secure architecture design with thorough testing and review, full service installation and configuration, and knowledge transfer to your organization’s staff.

Secure Architecture Design

Referentia’s Secure Architecture Design methodology provides organizations with the strongest and most cost-effective cyber defense solution tailored for critical infrastructures. Our experts combine commercially available technologies, including Referentia’s Advanced Threat Protection solution, in designing a secure architecture specific to the needs of your organization.

  • Solution Procurement - Referentia security consultants help you evaluate, select, and procure the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for your environment.
  • Advanced Threat Protection - Developed by Referentia’s engineering team, the Advanced Threat Protection solution provides patented technologies for defense against crimeware and advanced persistent threats.
  • Rapid Tool Development - When custom development is required, Referentia’s full-time research and engineering teams can create custom tools for solving challenges specific to your environment. 

Full Service Installation & Configuration

Malware are becoming more complex and architectural upgrades, improperly installed or configured, can create new vulnerabilities. Referentia’s certified engineers have extensive experience with a wide range of network and security configurations. Our installation and configuration service provides the highest return on investment by correctly configuring solutions that create optimal security with full functionality enablement.


Basic product training is included in every Referentia Installation & Configuration project. This hands-on knowledge transfer empowers your staff to successfully manage and maintain a secure environment.