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Datacenter Monitoring Services

IT administrators face a new generation of datacenter monitoring complexity as organization move to dynamic cloud resources and virtualization.  Monitoring modern mixed environment can be time consuming and challenging, yet it is essential for ensuring network availability.

Referentia’s Datacenter Monitoring Services enable administrators to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems and outages in the modern IT environment—before they impact end-user productivity and disrupt mission critical operations.  . The service offers enterprise class monitoring capabilities as a service without the need to deploy hardware, purchase separate software licenses or engage in extensive software configuration.  Referentia will automatically scan servers in a data center for irregularities or failures to help monitor, predict and prevent IT outages.  Empowered with the information provided by Referentia, IT managers can quickly identify and address potential outages and bottlenecks that can threaten application availability before they impact their end-users. 

Benefits include:

End-to-end monitoring of an organization’s IT infrastructure; including network, servers, storage, applications, security and users.  Referentia Provides on-premise and off premise cloud monitoring with complete visibility across the entire physical and virtual IT infrastructure for simplify troubleshooting and quicker issue resolution.

24/7 service includes real-time monitoring, proactive notification and analysis that correlate events across all domains of a data center for faster identification and resolution of security incidents and performance issues.  The service allows IT managers to catch issues before they disrupt the business.

Intuitive portal provides a single pane of glass view for instant visibility into the entire network for performance, availability and security metrics of all devices monitored.  Single pane of glass view removes blind spots for accurate and fast health check of critical business processes.

  • Canned and customized reporting for meeting compliance. 
  • Advanced Analytics provides real-time frequency of incidents and raw events with drill down reporting.  Gain deeper insight into the infrastructure for effective incident response and forensics.

On-demand IT technology experts available for troubleshooting support.