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Security Monitoring Services

As cyber threats continue to jeopardize critical infrastructures, government agencies and businesses, IT managers for these organizations must enforce constant vigilance over their network in order to stay ahead these emerging threats.   IT managers need to be able to monitor and verify that security and compliance requirements are met whether in a traditional datacenter, virtualized environment or dedicated services via private, public, or hybrid cloud.

Referentia Security Monitoring Services proactively monitor an organization’s network for both well-known and recently identified vulnerabilities and attacks across platforms.  The service provides real-time network security monitoring and notifies IT administrators of threats that could cause adverse effect to the organization.  In addition, Referentia’s Proactive Threat Analysis Service help organization proactively identify advanced threats  and Referentia’s Incident Response team help provide a full scope of how the malware got there, where it came from, what information was compromised, as well as offers actions for remediation.

Benefits include:

24/7 continuous network security monitoring with dynamic threat protection updates.   Service provides complete end-to-end visibility across the entire physical and virtual infrastructure. 

Meet regulatory information security compliances with canned and customized reports.

Intuitive individual custom portal provides a single pane of glass view for full visibility of an organization’s network security metrics and compliance for all devices monitored. 

Single pane of glass provides visibility into the datacenter/cloud environment to help organization maintain availability and security of their critical operations.

Streamlined alert procedure for faster threat response and resolution.  Real-time on premise and cloud monitoring with email notification and correlation of events across the enterprise for quick identification and resolution of security and performance issues. This also includes analysis, tuning and response steps to threats as optional add-on services.

Advanced Analytics provides real-time frequency of incidents and raw events with drill down reporting for effective incident response and forensics.

Seasoned security analysts providing proactive threat analysis.