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Access Data Instantly and Securely

Critical for Utility Smart Grid Renewable Resource Management Data Analytics

The integration of smart grid renewables into the nation’s electric grid is an ongoing challenge for utilities, renewables vendors and customers. This is because:

  • Renewable resources are inherently variable
  • Output methods for PV and wind facilities fluctuate based on weather conditions and time of day
  • Current technologies do not enable grid operators to control renewables easily, and this inhibits growth
  • Renewable power must remain uninterrupted, so utilities need to understand and balance volatility to avoid problems with power flow, system fluctuation, protection, voltage regulation, and contingency management
  • Operators must be able to predict and act on renewable changes, outputs and system loads to optimize the traditional/renewable mix for both energy efficiency and grid reliability
  • To manage the evolution of the grid, planners need to develop and maintain a strategy for planning infrastructure improvements to meet expanding renewables penetration and minimize potential renewable/distributed generation (DG) disruptions to the system.

Utilities need proven tools to capture, store, analyze, and use the increasing data streams from new renewable energy sensors and distributed generation sources. Data collected by the utility SCADA/EMS are, by design, isolated to meet security requirements. This makes it difficult to access and correlate with other data sources. Due to these challenges, the renewables market needs:

  • A flexible Smart Grid data historian to provide forecasting and forensics
  • Smart Grid situational awareness and planning to support the growth and implementation of renewables
  • Secure data exchange between SCADA/EMS and corporate networks that minimizes susceptibility to cyber-attack vulnerabilities

The Referentia Solution

in2lytics, a high-performance time series database, provides the instant access to data which is needed for planning and operational decision making.

  • in2lytics enables load, query, analysis and sharing of the increasing quantity of data required to monitor and manage today’s more complex electric grid.
  • Sprocket, combined with in2lytics, secures data sharing with independent power producers (IPP).
  • CyberWall PROTECT secures the collection of sensor data from an IPP.

Referentia Benefits

By using Referentia technologies, utilities can:

  • Accelerate the planning cycle for faster, more cost-effective renewables integration
  • Add flexibility to systems during operations and planning
  • Determine the power generation mix, evaluate load shedding and plan infrastructure upgrades and maintenance
  • Optimize power generation dispatch decision-making
  • Secure access to SCADA/EMS data from the corporate network and IPPs
  • Expand predictive grid behavior modeling
  • Perform data-driven root cause analysis of systems fault events quickly and accurately
  • Improve data access and visualization to simplify identification during root cause analysis