Creating Innovative Solutions Today for a Better Tomorrow



Strategically located in Honolulu Hawaii, Referentia has a proven track record for leading in computer network and software technology advancements for cybersecurity, network performance management, utility smart grid, healthcare information exchange, and aircraft maintenance. We provide innovative research and development, unique product solutions, quality services, and training to our valued customers.

Referentia has five innovative technology building blocks that create powerful, higher-order solutions for meeting customer requirements.

  • LiveAction transforms an existing network infrastructure into a real-time sensor to improve cyber security and maintain mission-critical operations.
  • CyberWalls PROTECT wraps mission-critical applications in a secure encasement to thwart Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and prevents network leakage of critical information by internal staff.
  • CyberWalls ACCESS is a US government accredited cross domain solution that enables simultaneous access to multiple information domains from a single terminal using a collapsed single network infrastructure.
  • in2lytics is a high performance time series database that is specially designed to provide the instant data accessibility needed to enable planning and operational decision making.
  • Sprocket is a cross-boundary device that enables secure and intelligent information transfer.

With a strong record of successful project development, Referentia works collaboratively with all branches of the DoD, national laboratories, research institutions, academia, and industry to develop solutions to safeguard our nation’s critical infrastructure and networks.