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Simultaneous access to multiple information domains

CyberWalls ACCESS is a US government accredited cross domain solution that enables simultaneous access to multiple information domains from a single terminal using a collapsed single network infrastructure. Its single client pane-of-glass capability enables operators to log on from a single terminal into multiple domains and services. The CyberWalls ACCESS terminal provides a virtualized environment to support both Net-centric web and legacy environments. To access the collapsed network infrastructure containing different security domains, the solution leverages computer security within the user workstation and communication security for information as it flows across the network. It assures secure information management with the use of commercial grade encryption for data separation; providing information security, while reducing size, weight and power requirements. CyberWalls ACCESS is listed on the DoD UCDMO Baseline as AVE 1.3 which results in a much shorter time for deployment at a lower cost.

CyberWalls ACCESS single client pane-of-glass capability enables operators to log on from a single terminal to multiple domains and services.

Worker Productivity

Increases efficiency
  • Allow organization to transition to the next generation of single computing platform by assisting users’ ability to simultaneously operate and view content in multiple information domains.
Decreases inefficiency
  • Time loss by users who have to constantly move from terminal to terminal to work their daily tasks.
  • Time savings provided by positioning peripherals such as printers within user work groups.

Maintain Secure, Data Separation

Maintain security on the network.
  • Only solution that encrypts and filters information as it crosses the network to provide a dynamically configurable and flexible network to support multiple security domains.
  • Only solution on the Unified Cross Domain Management Office (UCDMO) list that includes the network.
Maintain security on the workstation.
  • Provides the necessary security to ensure separation and an open platform that allows the workstation to meet the user’s computing needs in the DOD and critical infrastructure environments.
  • Provides secure data separation to fulfill stringent requirements for simultaneous operation in multiple security domains.
Approved Government Solution
  • Extensively tested by the NSA as part of its secret and below interoperability (SABI) cross domain accreditation.
  • Listed on the UCDMO baseline as a cross domain access system under the name AVE 1.3. The UCDMO provides convergence on the products that can be used in a manner that would involve multiple security domains for the DOD and Intelligence communities.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Eliminate infrastructure inefficiencies
  • Eliminates the legacy separation methodology requirements of many machines at a person’s desk taking up space, drawing lots of electricity to run the computers and to cool the environment.
  • Reduces the component count of the overall infrastructure, limits the introduction of expensive special purpose devices that have special handling requirements.
Expand infrastructure capabilities
  • Provides the flexibility to support a changing environment and utilizes existing computing platforms to preserve existing investments.
  • Only solution that will simultaneously support today’s client based (thick) and tomorrow’s server based (thin) computing environments.