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Ultimate Encasement for Securing Mission-Critical Applications

Developed with leading government agencies, CyberWalls PROTECT wraps mission-critical applications in a secure encasement to thwart Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and prevents network leakage of critical information by internal staff. The solution uses a combination of encryption and monitoring technologies to create a barrier between critical applications and other traffic traversing the network. It enables the use of a single network infrastructure to prioritize simultaneous business-critical applications, while keeping attackers out and containing insiders by limiting access and monitoring user communication paths. By transforming flat cyber space to provide "higher ground" that facilitates identification of the "avenues of approach", applications and information encased within CyberWalls PROTECT are secured, even when the network is infected. This enables continuity of mission-critical applications on compromised networks, allowing organization to "fight through" attacks.

CyberWalls PROTECT wraps mission-critical applications in a secure encasement offering highly secure communication through large networks.

Benefits Include:

Protection from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Secures Critical Resources from Emerging APTs
  • Transforms the flat cyber space to provide "higher ground"; facilitates identification of the "avenues of approach" to these resources.
Accredited and Validated
  • Accredited DoD solution with network tunneling and encryption, focused monitoring, and integrated sensors.
  • Only architecture that has been validated by multiple DOD red teams over multiple large-scale validation tests.

Secure Information from Internal Leakage

Encased Environment
  • Prevents information within the encasement from entering or leaving.
Controlled Personnel Access
  • Prevents internal data breaches by validating that only authorized personnel are able to view and access applications and information in the encasement.

Safely Maintain Mission Continuity on Compromised Networks

Mission Continuity
  • Encased applications and information are protected, even when the network is infected.
  • Enables organizations to defend mission-critical applications for "fighting through" attacks.

Provides Cyber Intelligence

Detailed Cyber Intelligence and Playback
  • Enhances computer network defense (CND) through rapid detection and response to cyber-attacks.
  • Cyber intelligence gathered allows for the acquisition of detailed historical data for forensic analysis for prevention of future cyberattacks.
  • Provides policy-based routing control, reporting and attribution visual playback.
LiveAction Integration
  • Only solution that completely ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability through LiveAction monitoring, visibility and control capabilities.

Ease of Management and Deployment Flexibility

Flexible Deployment
  • Flexible deployment and optimized use of network resources is provided through simplified, graphical policy customization and management.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Intuitive graphical policy management design and flexible integration require minimum administration and network resources for operation.
  • Only fast, flexible, scalable, efficient, and assured method for implementation through use of our automated system design tool. This tool provides a GUI with underlying templates to avoid errors due to manual parameter entry.
  • Increases efficiencies, allowing organization to get the most out of their investments in cyber defense.