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Time-Series Data Warehousing and Mining

in2lytics is a high performance time series database that is specially designed to provide the instant data accessibility needed to enable planning and operational decision making. in2lytics enables load, query, analysis, and sharing of the increasing amounts of data required to monitor and manage today’s more complex electric grid and aircraft systems. in2lytics scalability retains full resolution time series data while reducing disk space requirements by 20 times and accelerating query and load times by 100 times when compared with the existing alternatives. in2lytics provides native high performance interfaces for a variety of general purpose and technical computing languages including MATLAB, Python,. NET, and Java. Secure sharing is accomplished by combining in2lytics with Referentia’s Sprocket product. The benefits of in2lytics have been validated by utility companies and aerospace engineers.

in2lytics combines time series data sources into a high performance, interactive, integrated picture.

Server Features

  • Provides lossless-compression storage and rapid retrieval of time-series (e. g. SCADA) data.
  • Supports both real-time data collection and bulk loads from files on disk.
  • Takes advantage of the natural grouping and time-ordering of data to provide a100-times increase in speed compared to relational databases.
  • Reduces loading time from weeks to hours.
  • Achieves 10 times less disk space usage.
  • Provides secure data mirroring between networks without compromising security.
  • Combines data sources into a high performance, interactive, integrated picture.

Client Features

  • Enables users across an enterprise to visually analyze time series data.
  • Compares time series data streams, display histograms and scatter charts.
  • Exports data locally in a CSV format for easy interoperability with other software tools such as Excel.
  • Enables charting in seconds rather than hours compared to other solutions.
  • Provides interactive time scale zooming (e. g. years to milliseconds).
  • Provides high performance APIs for MATLAB, Python, Java, and. NET.